Danish Christmas Dinner | Stable Lodge, Bangkok


My favorite time of the year has finally come! Although it doesn’t feel like Christmas being sweaty and all everyday, there are many places you can still feel the holiday spirits in Bangkok. Not only you can enjoy this holiday season visually with festive Christmas lights in town, but also sensuously having delicious Christmas feast with your folks, even if you are far away from home.


My friends and I went to the Stable Lodge, a Scandinavian restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 8 in Bangkok, in the beginning of December. Some of my friends from Denmark planed a Christmas Dinner Party together and about 20 of us gathered in this restaurant. When we went inside, the buffet plates were prepared on the table and they were ready to be served. I was so excited with all the food, because I had never had danish food or even Scandinavian food before.


Every one put a reindeer headband prepared on the table, now it’s time to start a feast. A glass of Chang beer on one hand (Yes, it was Thai beer.), we began to eat. I had some bread, meat, seafood, and many different kinds of fish cooked in a various ways. I put all of them on a slice of bread, and placed it in my mouth. Some of the food was salty, and the others taste differently. Savoring the combination of those in my mouth, I was satisfied at the end.


While enjoying our food, we exchanged Christmas presents and played some games. Listening to the Christmas music, we also enjoyed chatting and sharing our great memories of the year. Overall, I really enjoyed the time there. It was one of the most memorable holiday seasons of all. I already can’t wait for the next year! xD


Where we ate:Stable Lodge (Google Maps)

Best Wine Bar in Bangkok | Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant


Bar counter in the middle of the restaurant

Do you miss proper dinner, delicious wine and cheese back home? Then here is the place to go. My friends and I went to Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant to have a farewell dinner together at the end of the first semester of my exchange. It is located on 37th floor of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G in Silom street. We are all covered in gorgeous dresses and tailored suits, and got in a cab.


Wine cooler

After getting out of the elevator at 37th floor, we walked through the hallway and there was a huge wine cooler filled with different kinds of wine bottles on the one side. On the other side, I found a showcase full of delicious-looking cheeses staring at me.


Cheese in a showcase

We settled on the table, and wondered what to order. Everything on the menu sounds great, but I decided to have a special dish displayed at the entrance: Beef with oyster sauce and vegetables. My friends ordered beef stakes and tuna. We also picked up a glass of wine from the long list. (from 170B)


Food was so delicious. The beef was perfectly cooked and tender, so it melted in my mouth. It was the best beef I had ever had. Also the vegetables and mushed potatoes were really good. I enjoyed the taste of all at each bite.

We were all satisfied and extremely full at the end of the dinner. Although I picked up the special dinner which is slightly more expensive than other dishes on the menu, it cost less than $30 in total. Yes, it is expensive considering the price in Thailand, but if you pay that amount, you can have really good western dishes in Bangkok.

Where we ate: Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant (Google Maps)