Breakfast on Island | Koh Phangan, Thailand


Koh Phangan is always crowded with people who love to party. On a full moon day in every month, the world-famous ‘Full Moon Party’ is held on the Haadrin Beach, the widest beach on the island down south, and hundreds of thousands of people get super wasted and wake up naked in the morning on the beach. That’s what happens at the beginning of every month, but when we went there, it was off season.

On this season, Koh Phangan looks totally different, with less people and a quiet vibe. During the day, you will only see local people chatting and street dogs sleeping on the street. The Haadrin beach doesn’t seem like the same beach as on the party night at all. You can sit down on the beautiful sandy beach, and listen to the sound of the waves.


Muesli and yogurt

During our stay, we had breakfast at local restaurant, which offers from various breakfast to lunch and dinner, from Thai food to western food. It was a typical local restaurant on island. We ate there everyday, because it was close to the beach, and still have reasonable price for this relatively expensive party island.


Stir-fried pumpkin with chicken

One day, we saw a Burmese woman eating at the restaurant. She was one of the staff. We noticed she was eating something not on the menu, so we asked. They were Burmese food of course; cooked with lemon glass, some meat and vegetables. Because we like lemon glass and knew how good it is, we asked her to cook one for us. She agreed, and we decided to come the next day.


Various burmese food

Next day, we had three plates of burmese food she cooked for us; salad with lemon glass and peanut and onions, salad with lemon glass and tomatoes, and some stir-fried pork. We also ordered some rice. All of them are so good, and I liked the salads especially. I couldn’t tell what it was, but the sour dressing was making it obsessive. At the moment I thought, “Burmese food may or may not be the best discovery during my stay in Thailand.” I’m going to Myanmar in February, so I’m looking forward to it!


Place: ทอมมี่ (Google Maps)

Canteen Food at University | Thammasat University, Thailand


You don’t go to local university to get some food? Then it’s the time! Because they have varieties of dishes with relatively low price compared to local restaurants in the area. You can stop by whenever you get tired walking around. It’s a place where you can rest, make a plan for next, and then continue your adventure.


View from university

Thammasat University at Tha Phra Chan campus, where I studied for a year, is located in the center of the major tourist attraction area in Bangkok. You can walk to Grand Palace, Wat Pho, National Museum, and many other places. Being located beside the Chaophrayah River, you can also access via boat.


Gaphao Moo (Stir-fried basil minced pork)

The main canteen is in the middle of the campus, along the river side. There are more then 10 restaurant right next to each other, serving different kinds of basic Thai food varies from noodles to Thai desserts. The price is around 30B (less than $1).


Spicy beef liver salad

Since the price is lower than normal restaurant, the portion is a little bit small. However, you can enjoy a couple of plates at a time. You can order 2 or 3, and share with your friends. The variety they offer is pretty rich, and you will always find new taste. Being close to the major tourist attractions, this is one of the places you want to check out.

Place: Thammasat University Tha Phra Chan Campus (Google Maps)

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Khao Soi and Northern Cuisine | Mae Hong Son, Thailand


Khao Soi, fried noodle with curry soup, is one of the most popular food in Northern Thailand. You will probably hear a lot about it during your adventure in North. Of course each bowl is different and divert. Some are spicy, and others are not. They often have different types of noodles. Among all those Khao Sois, this one is my personal favorite.


This cozy little restaurant, with bamboo bench and tables outside, is a Northern Thai food restaurant. We found it on Lonely Planet Thailand. It was rainy and dark when we went there, so was very hard to spot. After driving through the road carefully and scanning many signs in Thai which we had no idea how to read, we found the sign. (It was in English!)


Vegetable curry

We ordered Khao Soi, garlic salad, and vegetable curry, as recommended on the menu. The soup of Khao Soi was creamier compared to other ones, and not spicy for me at all. Normally I cannot eat spicy food very much, but for this one I could enjoy it. Also salad and curry were really good, especially with a lot of garlic taste. (My favorite!)

Although I’ve tried many Khao Sois, I haven’t yet met “the one”. If you find some good Khao Sois, please let me know! I would love to try 🙂

Where we ate: Banpleng Restaurant (Google Maps)

Trying Burmese Food For The First Time | Mae Hong Son, Thailand


Burmese Green Tea Salad, my favorite Burmese food so far

In northern Thailand, there are a lot of Burmese refugees who create their own communities and spread their cultures, so you can find many Burmese restaurant around. Before I came to northern Thailand, I had never had Burmese food before, but now I love it. Although it is not Thai food, it’s now a part of culture in Thailand, and you will find so many of them in cities up north.


Vegetable curry

The restaurant was right beside the pond in the city. There was a wooden sign in front so it was easy to find. We picked Burmese Green Tea Salad as recommended on the Lonely Planet, and Vegetable curry. Burmese Salad tastes both sweet and salty with peanuts, tomatoes and garlic, and I really liked the combination. Vegetable curry was mild but the taste of all the vegetables soaked in the soup, and it goes so well with rice with mixed grains.

Overall my first experience of Burmese food turned out great. I will definitely try more in the future.

Where we ate: Salween River Restaurant (Google Maps)

Thai Cooking Class | Chiang Mai, Thailand


Recipe book

One of the things you should do in Thailand is to take a cooking class. You can learn how Thai food is cooked and will be more familiar with ingredients. But most of all, you will be able to cook them at home, which I really wanted to do, because I knew I was going to miss all the delicious food in Thailand.


Ingredients were ready

We booked a cooking course online, and a staff picked us up at our hostel. There were 8 people in our group, including the ones from U.S., Germany, and Taiwan. First we went to a local market close to the cookery school, and our teacher taught us names of different kinds of ingredients, and how they are used in dishes according to each occasion.

Chicken Cashew Nut, my favorite Thai food of all time

Cooking Chicken Cashew Nut, my favorite Thai food of all time

After we came back from the market, we chose dishes we wanted to cook. These are 3 dishes in each section: main dish, soup, salad, and curry, and we picked up Chicken Cashew Nut, Tom Yum Kung, Som Tam, and Paneng Curry.


Tom Yum Kung (Spicy and Sour Soup) and Som Tam (Spicy Papaya Salad)

We stood in front of the cooking table, and started chopping ingredients. We put all of them in one plate, and moved to the different room where we actually cook. Before we throw them into Wok (pan) with fish sauce, oyster sauce and other seasonings, teacher showed us how to do it. It was pretty easy, and didn’t even take 10 minutes to finish up.


Chicken Cashew Nut

After all of the dishes were cooked, we set out table and tried them. Some of them were really good, and others were missing something, but we knew what we needed to do to make them better.


Paneng Curry, my favorite curry in Thailand

I realized, cooking delicious Thai food is somehow miracle, since with about 10 minutes of cooking, a little more or less seasoning can change everything. That’s why there are so many different kind of tastes in one particular dish, and we always try to seek the one we like the most.

Place: Baan Thai Cookery School (Google Maps)

Courses: 1000B/person (9:40am. – 4:00 pm.), 800B/person (4:30pm. – 8:30 pm.)