Jazz and Blues Night | Saxophone Pub, Bangkok


Just a minute walk from BTS station Victory Monument, this jazz bar, Saxophone Pub, is on the little street. With a heavy wooden door and brick wall, it seems as if you were somewhere in Europe. When you go inside, you will instantly notice that the place is vigorous and filled with the sound of the music. The live music is performed on the stage, and everyone is engrossed in the music.


We went upstairs, and sat at the counter on the edge. You can look over the place, and see people enjoying their own time, listening to the music. Sipping our cocktails, we also enjoyed the music. Played pool between the songs, and had some food they offer. (Of course my favorite Chicken Cashew Nut!)

This place is perfect for laid-back night out in Bangkok. It is close to the Siam area, the center of Bangkok, so you can easily access by BTS train or taxi. Why don’t you sometimes experience something ‘not so Bangkok’ in this city?

Place: Saxophone Pub (Google Maps)

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My First Craft Beer Experience | Mikkeller Bangkok, Thailand


Going into the house

Sometimes you get bored with getting drunk by drinking bottles of cheap Chang beer, and just want to chill out. It was one of those nights when some of my friends and I went to this craft beer bar, Mikkeller Bangkok. After having delicious street burger at Sukhumvit Soi 39, we decided to take a good walk to the place. Eventually we came around quiet neighborhood, and voila! A cool Scandinavian-looking house was standing there.


Bar counter and a menu board

Inside the house, there were a lot of people enjoying their time respectively, chatting and laughing with glasses on their hands. There was a counter in the middle, and a big black board filled with different kinds of craft beer. I was overwhelmed by the variety they got: there were 30 of them!


Different kinds of beer

I didn’t have no idea where to start, so one of the staff helped me with picking one. He asked me if I like bitter, sweet, or fruity, and I picked fruity. Then he handed me a glass and suggested to try. After taking sips of different beer, I decided to go for the one that’s no-so-strong mild-fruity. (Not sure how to describe the taste…)


What we chose

We all picked one and settled by the table. Each one had quite different taste, and that was really interesting, as for the first-time craft beer drinker. With high percentage of the alcohol,  I got utterly drunk at the end. This time I could only taste a couple of different ones, but it would be fun to discover the one which perfectly suits the mood of the day.

Place: Mikkeller Bangkok(Google Maps)

Best Wine Bar in Bangkok | Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant


Bar counter in the middle of the restaurant

Do you miss proper dinner, delicious wine and cheese back home? Then here is the place to go. My friends and I went to Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant to have a farewell dinner together at the end of the first semester of my exchange. It is located on 37th floor of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G in Silom street. We are all covered in gorgeous dresses and tailored suits, and got in a cab.


Wine cooler

After getting out of the elevator at 37th floor, we walked through the hallway and there was a huge wine cooler filled with different kinds of wine bottles on the one side. On the other side, I found a showcase full of delicious-looking cheeses staring at me.


Cheese in a showcase

We settled on the table, and wondered what to order. Everything on the menu sounds great, but I decided to have a special dish displayed at the entrance: Beef with oyster sauce and vegetables. My friends ordered beef stakes and tuna. We also picked up a glass of wine from the long list. (from 170B)


Food was so delicious. The beef was perfectly cooked and tender, so it melted in my mouth. It was the best beef I had ever had. Also the vegetables and mushed potatoes were really good. I enjoyed the taste of all at each bite.

We were all satisfied and extremely full at the end of the dinner. Although I picked up the special dinner which is slightly more expensive than other dishes on the menu, it cost less than $30 in total. Yes, it is expensive considering the price in Thailand, but if you pay that amount, you can have really good western dishes in Bangkok.

Where we ate: Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant (Google Maps)